Monday, September 16, 2013

Siyu Liu

night watcher by Siyu Liu

Together to the south by Robert Sommer

The cranes start to fly to the south, but they're not the only ones...

Magritte by Phil

Une prise de vue en soleil couchant. Trois photos en Bracketting (3 expositions différentes) sans trépied. Une étape de tone-mapping HDR avec Photomatix (mode révélateur pictural). Un post-traitement avec Photoshop : légère accentuation des jaunes et rouges, puis ajout du personnage de Magritte. J'attends avec impatience vos commentaires et critiques. Merci.

kite by Klaus Elmfelt

FWA selected

Idriss Issulahi

The line by Idriss Issulahi


Polo by Jeremy Spierer

At the end of the rain... by Braulio Cosme

After a long rainy ride towards the Montauk Point Lighthouse, located at the end of Long Island, and just upon arrival, when the rain stopped, nature gave us a display of light, shadows and colors not to let pass unnoticed. This is one of the pictures I took. The Montauk Point Lighthouse is one of the four oldest lighthouses in the United States. Hope you like it.